The Plays by Carrie Robbins

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Excerpt From The Diamond Eater

Written by Carrie Robbins
Avraham Millstein played by Eric Kuttner
Music by Scott Munson
Based on a true story as told to R.D. Robbins, MD

Excerpt From Sawbones

Written by Carrie Robbins
Based on True Stories by RDRobbins MD
Original Music Composed by Scott Munson
(Winner: New York Innovative Theatre Award, 2014, For Outstanding Original Music)
Performed by Scott Munson
Letter from Mary-Ida Ballou, Iowa, 1866
read by Jenne Vath
(Nominated: New York Innovative Theatre Award For Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role)
Presented at HERE Arts Center, May-June, 2014 as part of a 2-hander:


A Diary to Help You with Sleep Disorders

This is not just an ordinary diary, this is what is called a ‘sleep diary’. This is where afflicted people of sleep disorders can write down all of the symptoms that they experience whenever they are experiencing a sleep disorder. Aside from this, they can also write down the time of the day or night that these symptoms appear. This diary will certainly be a big help if when you decide to try a treatment for it. The best thing to do is to ask a professional sleep doctor on how you can deal with the sleep disorders listed on your diary.

The main thing that the doctor and you should look into is the symptoms. This will let you know which of the sleeping pills available can and will help you out in dealing with your sleep disorder. With a diary, there will be no second guessing as to when the symptom manifested itself since you had it noted right when it happened.

Sleeping will always play a big part in curing your sleep disorder. Sometimes though you will need to try a few to know which ones give you the best results. All of this information should be written on your diary.

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